Practical Electrical Wiring
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Practical Electrical Wiring
Residential, Farm, Commercial and Industrial

22nd edition, Based on the 2014 National Electrical Code®
Frederic P. Hartwell and Herbert P. Richter

About the Authors

The late H. P. Richter wrote the first edition of Wiring Simplified in 1932. It was one of the first how-to books on wiring for the general reader. It was followed by Practical Electrical Wiring in 1939. With the publication of each succeeding edition of these books, the author came to be regarded more and more widely as both the do-it-yourselfer's electrician and the electrician's electrician. He had the rare ability to write for both the amateur and the professional, and his books continue today in updated versions.

Frederic P. Hartwell, master electrician and National Electrical Code expert, is the senior member of NEC Code Making Panel 9. He is the author of Practical Electrical Wiring and, beginning with the 2008 code cycle, the new editor of McGraw-Hill's American Electricians' Handbook and McGraw-Hill's National Electrical Code Handbook.

He has vast experience as an NEC and state electrical code panel member and trainer in NEC theory and applications, and brings years of experience and practical hints gained as a licensed master electrician, electrical inspector, and former head electrician at a Massachusetts college. He has been responsible for nearly one thousand successful proposals and public comments regarding changes in the Code beginning with the 1987 edition. He continues as a principal member of the NEC Committee, serving on Code Making Panel 9, and is secretary of the Massachusetts Electrical Code Advisory Committee.

Park Publishing, Inc.
22nd edition, March 2014
Softcover, 700 pages, 475 illustrations
ISBN 978-0971977983
Price $79.95