Practical Electrical Wiring
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Practical Electrical Wiring
Residential, Farm, Commercial and Industrial

22nd edition, Based on the 2014 National Electrical Code®
Frederic P. Hartwell and Herbert P. Richter


Reviewer: A reader from Boston
This new (18th) edition of Practical Electrical Wiring is an excellent guide to basic (and also not-so-basic) residential, farm and commercial electrical wiring. It has been completely updated and reflects the latest changes in the 2002 National Electrical Code. The text covers an astonishing range of subjects, from the basics of volts and amperes to some very solid material on grounding, wiring methods, residential service, and conductor sizing.

This book is quite different from the typical do-it-yourself guides. It will not tell you how to rewire Aunt Sophie's favorite lamp. It will tell you about residential branch circuits, overcurrent devices (fuses and circuit breakers), outlet and switch boxes, residential and nonresidential lighting, special appliance circuits, safety, wiring methods, electric motors, and a great deal more.

It has an excellent section on how to modernize old work, including how to run wiring through ceilings, walls, and from floor-to-floor. And in case you've forgotten how, it also has a clear illustration of how to tie an Underwriter's Knot (see page 355)!

This really is an excellent book, obviously written by a person who has many years of practical experience and knows what he is talking about. It would serve well as a vocational school text and as a fine general reference book for the homeowner and for journeyman electrician. To round it out, it is well illustrated, has useful NEC ampacity and load tables in the appendices, and has a very comprehensive index.


Reviewers: Judges in the Benjamin Franklin Awards competition
“The perfect entry. It is a standard reference for electricians. The information is substantial, well-written, and extremely accurate. I am pleased to give it a perfect score.”

Also: “The classic in its field—this edition is very good, with clear, good illustrations and an excellent index.”

And: “Well-organized and easy to read.”

Park Publishing, Inc.
22nd edition, March 2014
Softcover, 700 pages, 475 illustrations
ISBN 978-0971977983
Price $79.95